Hunger Action Month and A Progressive RVTV Show in Oregon

The following piece details another phase of Kokayi Nosakhere’s death-defying quest to end child hunger in the United States, now in Oregon’s Rogue Valley.

We met eight years ago in Anchorage, Alaska. I was a young poet looking for my way in the world, a path to becoming a better person. Kokayi introduced me to the very idea of ‘community’ as a self-supporting system, as a mode of connection and collaboration. His thoughts and perspectives blew my world wide open.

Kokayi has inspired me time and time again with his soul-moving efforts to raise awareness around child hunger: walking hundreds of consecutive miles across the South, practically starving himself outside the office of an Alaska State Legislator, and being willing to teach radically, learn constantly, and express himself wholly against the pounding waves of institutional racism and relentless capitalism.

I continue to learn from and be challenged by Kokayi in ways that help me grow into the person I want to become. I love this man and honor his work in the world.

Thank you, Kokayi.

In Search of Magnificent Minds

I am an activist. In the face of any societal ill, I do not shy away from the challenge. I seek to act. I confront the problem. My problem is finding those who resonate at the same passion level as I do.

When the co-hosts of RVTV’s Tending the Threshold asked me, “Kokayi, would you like to be on our show and what would you want to talk about?”, my response was almost instant. “Yes and child hunger,” I said.

Tuhlar embraced the subject and Wanda Borland, who produces the show, was quick to co-sign.

“We haven’t even thought of that issue,” Borland said in her soft voice.

Rogue Valley TV

Because I am still new to Ashland, I am not yet aware of RVTV or it’s influence in the area. This weekend, I learned the recording studios are on Southern Oregon University campus. There exists a green room and…

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